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Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmers

Working Of the System :

Belt type oil skimmers are mainly used to remove suspended tramp oil from the coolant surface. this works on principle of surface tension. PU belt is used for this application. in some case ss belts are also used. the pu belt runs over two pulleys, one driving and another driven. the drive is given by geared motor which rotates the pulley at about 15 to 20 rpm. the floating oil sticks to the belt surface and it is removed by a scraper mounted on the unit.

The capacity of oil skimmers depends on the belt width. the belt size is determined based on the following prameters.
• Tank depth
• Tank volume
• Tramp oil % in the tank
• Any other greasy contamination
• Temperature of fluid

Main Features :
• Main Body
• Skimmer Belt
• Geared Motor

Chip Handling System With Chip Wringer
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