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Magnetic Separators

Magnetic Separators

Working of the System :

Magnetic Separator is kept near the outlet of coolant from machine. the coolant coming out of machine is directed to fall in the inlet trough of the magnetic separator. Then the coolant passes through the magnetic separator.

Magnetic drum of the separator is rotated at very low speed of about 1 to 5 rpm by a geared motor. During the rotation, the suspended particles in the flowing coolant are attracted and remain stuck to the magnetic drum.

A scraper is provided on the oppossite side of the drum which removes these stuck particles. They are collected in the collection bin provided below the scraper.

these type of magnetic separators are mainly used for finishing machines such as grinding, honing etc.

Main Features :
• Inlet Trough
• Magnetic Separator
• Dust Collecting Bin
• Starter for the Motor

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