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Flat Bed Pressure Filters

Working of the Systems :

Flat Bed Pressure filters are mainly used in centralized grinding filtration systems, where it gives best results.

Coolant from the shop is collected in the dirty coolant tank . It has conical bottom so that the sludge settles at the bottom. This coolant is transferred to the filter through a pump. Coolant is fed to filter with a pressure of about 2.3 bar.

Following is the brief cycle of operation :
Coolant fed to the filter, it passes through filter paper provided in between two plates and clean coolant is collected in the clean coolant tank.

Cake formation takes place after some time depending upon the dirt load in the system. When pressure drop reaches to the pre-set pressure , pressure switch gives signal and inlet valve is closed. The coolant coming from coolant tank is stopped.

After preset time, purging cycle starts. Airr purged through dirt cake collected on filter paper, hence it becomes dry. The water goes down to the tank.

After the preset time, the actuator valves provided on top plate opens, hence if there is some coolant after purging comes out. Purging cycle stops and after preset time top plate lifted up with hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder provided on main frame. When it touches limit switch provided on top side, it stops going up.

It gives signal to the conveyer drive and it starts. The dirt cake generated on filter paper comes out with conveyer and drops in trolley. After preset time conveyer stops and top plate comes down and ensure proper position by a limit switch provided to avoid any leakage. After getting signal from limit switch that top plates is in its original position, actuator valve on inlet header opens and start feeding coolant to the filter.

Necessary interlocks and sensors are provided on the filter for the smooth running of the filter unit.

These filters are also used as a pre-cat filter when used for very fine dirt. In that case pre-coat and body feed tanks with agitators’ provided to feed the powder to the filter.

Main Features :
Dirty Coolant Tank
Transfer Pump
Pressure Bed Filter
     • Main parts of Pressure Filters
       a. Inlet header with Actuated valve
       b. Main frame with linkage arrangement
       c. Top Plate
       d. Bottom Plate
       e. Conveyer assembly with mesh belt.
Clean coolant Tank.
Supply pumps
Electrical control panel with PLC logic

Chip Handling System With Chip Wringer
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