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Chip Handling System With Chip Wringer, Chip Handling Systems, Chip Conveyors With Chip Wringer, Chip Conveyors Manufacturer, Supplier, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Chip Conveyors With Chip Wringer
Chip  Conveyors with Chip Wringer

​ The chips are collected in a chip conveyors and these are transported to chip wringer which is placed underlip bin & oil is collected in the chip oil can.

Chips will be dropped in the chip wringer with preset intervals. The dry chips are either disposed in another chip conveyors.

Brief working of Chip wringer

Several machining processes such as broaching, hobbing, gun drilling, turning on single and multi-spindle automats uses straight cutting oil as a coolant. Large amount of cutting oil remains stuck to the chips generated during cutting by the principle of adhesion and surface tension. The chips are generally stored in a chip yard . The oil mixed with the chips drains due to gravity. But the oil stuck with the principle of adhesion and surface tension remains with the chips and goes with the disposal as waste. This results in direct financial loss. Oil being natural resource is wasted as the same could have been reused. It pollutes the air as the chips are dried by heating due to presence of oil.

The Automatic bottom discharge type chip wringer does the function of positive removal of this oil stuck saving the cost and nature.

This machine mainly comprises the following parts :
• Main motor
• Basket
• Body
• PLC controlled panel box.


A hopper is provided at the top of wringer for chip collection either manually or by chip conveyors.

• Push “Start” button on control panel. The wringer basket start running and bottom closes.
• Pour the chips in the basket through hopper either manually or by chip conveyors.
• Chip wringer runs for the pre-set time, set on the timer. The oil starts coming out from chips due to centrifugal action and it is collected in a tank, while chips remain inside the basket.
• The wringer stops after preset time is reached. The bottom of the basket opens and chips fall down in either chip Conveyors or trolley below the chip wringer. Hence dry chips can be transported manually or by chip Conveyors to the desired destination.
• After a small interval (which is preset), the wringer motor starts again as per point No.1 and cycle repeats.

In the units used earlier, one had to remove the basket manually and empty it and then re-fix it again. This involved labor and time. With this arrangement, it saves time and has less human intervention. The counter weight facilitates easy opening of basket for small maintenance and periodical cleaning of the basket. Cleaning frequency is normally twice in a shift or can be decided on case to case basis.


Chip Handling System With Chip Wringer
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