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Coolant Sump Cleaners, Coolant Cleaning Systems
Coolant Sump Cleaners

The cleaning of water based coolant tanks of machines is a routine maintenance activity. The job is laborious and consumes longer time. It brings limitation on the number of tanks cleaned on the maintenance day.

We have developed our own Coolant Sump Cleaner which can overcome above hurdles. At the same time it can provide in line coolant filtration facility. With this added advantage, the coolant can be refilled into the tank without any wastage. With this cleaner the coolant tank of say 250 liters can be cleaned in about 7 minutes and the coolant refilled in that much time making the machine ready for operation in 15 minutes. This results in huge saving in labor, downtime and coolant cost

Construction : The equipment consist of a reservoir, a pump, float switch, quick change piping.

Operation in Brief :
• The piping is to be connected to suction port.
• The top accessible covers of the coolant tank should be removed.
• Stop the machine.
• Dip the free end of suction pipe in dirty coolant and start the pump. While the fluid is sucked rinse the coolant such that the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank mixes with the coolant.
• The dirty coolant passes through the filter and clean coolant collects in the tank.
• Once the machine tank is empty, change the piping to discharge mode. Start the pump.
• The coolant drain is at the bottom of the tank. The coolant is returned to the machine tank with the help of pressure generated by pump.cilitates easy opening of basket for small maintenance and periodical cleaning of the basket. Cleaning frequency is normally twice in a shift or can be decided on case to case basis.

Features :

• Round reservoir with 400 liters storage capacity
• Unit can be easily carried from one location to another.
• Pump rate - 50 LPM.
• Indication of tank full. The unit stops as soon as the indicator is lit.
• The filled filter bag can be replaced / cleaned easily.
• Filtration from 20 µ to 50 µ possible depending on the requirement.
• Suitable electric panel on the unit with “POWER ON “and “TANK FULL “indications.
• Input supply : Single Phase, 220 V.


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