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Paper Band Filters

Paper Band Filters

Working Of the System :

Paper Band filter is gravity type filter. Conveyor belt is provided to support the filter paper & to take out clogged filter paper. coolant is fed to the filter by gravity on the filter paper through diffuser box. diffuser box is provided to reduce the velocity of the coolant thus to avoid tearing off the filter paper.

coolant passes through the filter paper. clean coolant is collected in the coolant tank placed below. the suspened particles are collected on the filter paper .after some time paper gets choked due to accumulation of these particles. this increases the level of coolant on the filter paper. this level is sensed by a level sensor provided. once the level reach the set value, the sensor gives signal to the drive motor. the drive motor indexes the Conveyors with paper. the clogged paper starts moving out. as clean paper takes place of clogged paper, the coolant starts filtering faster. this reduces the coolant level. again the sensor gives stop signal to motor stopping the Conveyors.

choked paper along with the swarf is collected in the collection bin. this type of filters are mainly used for roll coolant systems, grinding swarf, honing machines, etc. compared to compact band filter, the area of this type of filter is very large. therefore this system gives good results in roll coolant system where dirt level is very low.

Main Features :
• Inlet Diffuser Box.
• Paper Band Filetr with Conveyors.
• Dust Collecting Bin

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